Our ancestor ANDRÉ MIGNIER called LAGACÉ

Our ancestor ANDRÉ MIGNIER called LAGACÉ
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André Mignier was born in 1640 in the middle of the sea. In fact, his parents Michel Mignier & Catherine Masson lived in Bois Plage, on Ré's Island which is located at the north west of La Rochelle in the Atlantic Ocean.

André belonged to the regiment "Compagnie de l'Allier", which was created by Alexandre de Prouville, lord of Tracy, and lieutenant general of the new world territories. André was probably not a raw recruit? an experienced soldier? André was not at his first military experience because he was 24 years old when he came to Canada on June 30, 1665. In the army, he was called by the nickname of La Gachette* which became eventually Lagacé/Lagassé later on. *("La Gachette" means someone who can shoot with abilities)

During the winter 1665-1666, our ancestor was stationed in Quebec city. On 1666-1667, his regiment joined in the famous campaign against the Iroquois. Discharged on 1668, André Mignier was authorized to settle in the country.

On october 14, 1668 in front of Leconte, lawyer, our ancestor received a piece of land from Miss Guillemette Hébert, daughter of Louis Hébert and widow of Guillaume Couillard. That land was located in Charlesbourg.

On october 23, 1668 in Notre-Dame Church of Québec, Father Henri de Bernières blessed the marriage of André Mignier & Jacquette Michel widow of Jean Cardin. A few days earlier (october 7th) André had signed his marriage settlement with Jacquette in the office of Mr. Becquet, lawyer.

Our ancestor worked busily to clean his land; so in 1672 he received 15 more acres of land and his only duty about that land, was once a year, on the Martin's day, to give a chicken and a small amount of money (fifteen "sol en argent" and three "deniers").

In 1685, André Mignier and his whole family moved to Rivière-Ouelle. Many descendants come from the marriage of André and Jacquette...

Genalogical data

(Legend : ba.=baptized, d.=death, i.=inhume(burial))

André Mignier called Lagacé born approximately in 1640 at St-Martin, d.21 i.22/05/1727 at La Pocatière m.23/10/1668 at Notre-Dame of Québec to Jacquette Michel (Michaud) born approximately in 1637 at Ste-Catherine de la Flotte d.28 i.29/11/1710 at Rivière-Ouelle.
  1. André born 4 ba.6/10/1669 at Québec 1st m. 10/11/1693 at Rivière-Ouelle to Marie-Charlotte Pelletier, 2nd m. 31/05/1701 at Rivière-Ouelle to Françoise Ouellet; i.4/02/1729 at St-Anne de la Pocatière.
  2. Marie born 13 ba.14/10/1671 at Québec, d. after 1681.
  3. Françoise born 27 at Charlesbourg ba. 29/06/1674 at Québec m. 1690 to Robert Morin.
  4. Marie-Anne born 16 at Charlesbourg ba.18/01/1677 at Québec m.10/11/1693 at Rivière-Ouelle to Philippe Boucher.
  5. Marie-Madeleine born and ba.24/08/1679 at Charlesbourg 1st m. 18/01/1701 at Rivière-Ouelle to Nicholas-Claude Lizot, 2nd m. 25/11/1709 at Rivière-Ouelle to Félix Aubert.
  6. Michel born 18 at St-Joseph village ba. 19/04/1682 at Charlesbourg 1st m. 28/07/1705 at Cap St-Ignace to Angélique Thibault, 2nd m. 6/08/1736 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Marie-Louise Pinel.

André Mignier called Lagacé m.10/11/1693 at Rivière-Ouelle to Marie-Charlotte Pelletier.

André Mignier called Lagacé m. 31/05/1701 at Rivière-Ouelle to Françoise Ouellet.
  1. André born 02 ba.04/03/1702 Rivière-Ouelle m. 19/01/1728 at l'Islet to Geneviève Rousseau.
  2. Marie-Françoise born 12 ba.13/01/1704 at Rivière-Ouelle m. 08/02/1728 (Janneau lawyer contract) to Alexis Lavoie.
  3. Joseph born and ba.28/12/1706 at Rivière-Ouelle m. 16/08/1730 at Cap St-Ignace to Félicité Caouet.
  4. Antoine born 28 ba.29/03/1709 at Rivière-Ouelle d.30 i.31.
  5. Marie-Angélique born 08 ba.9/12/1710 at Rivière-Ouelle m. 7/01/1728 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Augustin Lavoie.
  6. Jean-Bernard born 09 ba.11/12/1712 Rivière-Ouelle d.08 i.09/10/1714.
  7. Bernard born approximatively 1715 m. 5/10/1739 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Marie-Josephe Dubé.
  8. Marie-Madeleine born and ba.16/07/1718 at La Pocatière m. 17/04/1736 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Louis-Ignace Boucher.
  9. Marie-Anne born and ba.1/11/1720 at La Pocatière 1st m. 15/01/1742 at St-Thomas to Jean-Hilaire Prou, 2nd m. 24/01/1752 at St-Thomas to Jean Pelletier.
  10. Marie-Catherine born 24/11/1722 at La Pocatière.
  11. Marie-Théotiste m. 12/10/1744 at St-Thomas to Jacques Métivier.
  12. Charles born 16/06/1726 at La Pocatière m. 23/11/1750 at l'Islet to Louise Dugros/La Terreur.
André, Joseph, Bernard, Charles took on the name of "Mignier called Lagacé".

Michel Mignier called Lagacé m. 28/07/1705 at Cap St-Ignace to Angélique Thibault.
  1. Marie-Madeleine born 18/04 ba.01/05/1706 Rivière-Ouelle 1stm. 7/01/1727 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Joseph Soucy, 2nd m. 14/06/1751 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Antoine Michaud.
  2. Michel born 16/01 ba.08/02/1708 at Rivière-Ouelle d. et i.13/02/1709.
  3. Marie-Angélique born 11 ba.30/01/1710 at Rivière-Ouelle m. 3/11/1730 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Jacques Bois.
  4. Geneviève born 16 ba.17/06/1712 at Rivière-Ouelle m. 25/11/1748 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Charles Pelletier.
  5. Michel born and ba. 26/03/1714 at Rivière-Ouelle m. 9/01/1736 at St-Rock to Marguerite Pelletier.
  6. Joseph born 28 at Grande-Anse ba. 29/05/1716 at La Pocatière 1st m. 29/08/1740 at l'Islet to Geneviève Caron, 2nd m. 19/11/1750 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Marie-Anne Ouellet.
  7. Marie-Françoise born 07/02/1719 at La Pocatière d. and i. 12.
  8. Jean-Bernard born 29/09/1720 at La Pocatière 1st m. 20/01/1744 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Marie-Brigitte Pelletier, 2nd m. 16/01/1747 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Marie Dumont.
  9. Marie-Joseph born 02/10/1722 at La Pocatière m. 6/02/1742 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Pierre Jean.
  10. Marie-Anne born 25/07/1724 at La Pocatière m. 23/11/1744 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Louis Grondin.

Michel Mignier called Lagacé m. 6/08/1736 at St-Anne de la Pocatière to Marie-Louise Pinel.

Source : Archives personnelles, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec, Soldat défricheur André Mignier par René Viel, Journal "La Gachette".

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